Downhill Derby

Gearing up for Raceday

So what a blast the Maker Depot Derby class was. We had about 12 kids show, and some of them were waaaay tiny. I was like "yo, do you even know how to ride a bike, let alone race."

We started the day with the opening of the store; "Alex's Acme Derby Parts and Service" Kids rushed the store buying up wheels, chassis, and axels. We know these parts as corks, cups, and straws. I think Mr. Alex's prices were pretty steep, like $20 for a straw. Economics of car design and build was the name of the game. Build your craft car with a limited budget and of course, race them downhill. I noticed some kids broke their parts, and came back for re-orders. Some came back with a new strategy and design. We had one girl come back and demand a full refund, "These wheels don't roll!!" Alex did his best to explain, "No refunds!"

While kids were busy with design and build, Ginny took questions from adults about the event. I think we heard someone ask if a Beer Drinking Hat is considered a helmet. Tough call.

Time's Up and the cars were lined up for display. Some cool design I say. Checkered flag came out and the cars started racing. Very surprised that all cars rolled down the ramp, without falling apart. Those are some special straws Alex. The racing was done, and the MakerDepot Car came out. Kids got to ride it, while the adults snapped photos at the mechanics. Hmmm ideas they said...again. The day ended with a tour of the facility. Kids had a blast!

After class party, yes! We got to play with HTC VIVE VR System. I actually got to touch a WHALE.

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