2019 Rules

  1. Cars must have a minimum of 4 wheels

  2. Cars must be powered by gravity only

  3. Cars must have steering and breaking

  4. Driver must be able to steer and  brake simultaneously

  5. Helmets and shoes are required

  6. Max Dimensions: Car cannot be larger than 4’ wide and 8’ long

  7. Minimum Dimensions: Car cannot be smaller than 3’ Wide and 4’ Long

  8. Overall Height: Car cannot exceed 5 feet in height

  9. Steering range must be limited to +/- 5 degrees of travel from center

  10. Minimum Wheel Base: 3’ from the outside of each wheel

  11. All occupants must be seated and no loose objects in the car

  12. Derby Committee reserves the right to be the final judge of all entries.


2 Race Classes:
  • Maker Class - Custom Built

  • Soapbox Derby class - Official SBD kits, or fully assembled kits


  • All races will be conducted on the newly paved West Pierrepont Ave next to Lincoln Woods.

  • All class will race a Short Course (228’) from Riverside Terrace to Carmita Ave.​

  • There will be a Starting Gate but no Starting Ramp.

  • Both courses will have two lanes separated and lined with bails of straw the entire length.

Race Info for both Classes:
  • Each car gets 2 runs. (1 in each lane)

  • Each Class races against the clock

  • Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 fastest cars in each Class


Award Categories
  1. Highest Time Car (Slowest)

  2. People’s Choice

  3. Best Theme

  4. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle

  5. Town Spirit

  6. Most Patriotic

  7. Rutherford Institute of Technology Engineering Award

  8. Sponsors Award

  9. Most Unique

  10. Most Racecar Like

  11. Best Craftsmanship